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Karen Kops


I sold a small business in 1997 and wanted to find a community service project. I began volunteering at the Antioch Animal Services shelter and have been involved with rescues ever since.

I founded HALO in 2000 with other dedicated animal activists who recognized that there was a need for a rescue group in Far East Contra Costa County. In 2006, some of the volunteers of HALO formed a new organization, HARP. I have been the President of HALO and then HARP for almost 11 years.

I have a business, Kops Consulting Services, (www.kopsconsulting.com / Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) which offers grant writing, event planning, and assistance with applications for non-profit status. Prior to owning and running a screen printing business, I travelled to Australia, Brazil, Ecuador, Columbia, Mexico, Cameroon, Morocco, China, Japan, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Austria, England, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Canary Islands, Hong Kong, Poland, and Monaco. I lived with my first husband and children in France for 15 months and Venezuela for one year. These travels were wonderful and have broadened my horizons.

Oktoberfest in Germany and Carnival in Rio—what an experience!

Susan Krueger

Vice President

I have had a passion for animals my whole life.  As a kid, though, we only had a family dog and I didn’t get to have any cats.  When I was a newlywed, my husband gave me a gift of my first cat.  My workplace frequently had cats in need, and I was glad to help them.  Then, in 2004 someone dropped off nine cats near my home.  I trapped all of the cats and paid for shots, spaying and neutering for all of them.  They moved into my house, and were socialized by my family and me.  I needed help finding them homes, so I contacted Karen Kops, and asked if I could bring them to an adoption site.  She gave the go-ahead for me to do that, those cats found new forever homes, and the rest is history.  I have been involved with HARP from its inception, helping with fund raising events, fostering cats, and now as the Feline Adoption Manager. Cats and kittens are my special love, and I’m always glad to help one, or many, in need.

Susan Winkelbauer


I had been feeding feral and abandoned cats in my yard and noticed one had an abscess on his face, and I wanted to help him.  I called around and found the Feral Cat Foundation and they helped me help the cat.  After that I was hooked on rescue.  I started trapping, spaying/neutering and returning cats.  Soon I encountered friendly cats and I wanted to help them find their forever homes.  I found HARP and started fostering, and I was really hooked.  I’ve been rescuing and fostering kittens and cats ever since.

Selena Bauer


Susan Smith

Secretary and Community Cat Manager