April 06, 2011 Happy Tales

When Rags came to the shelter you could barely tell what kind of animal she was.  When the hair was finally trimmed out of her face shelter workers discovered that Rags had two cherry eyes, making it nearly impossible for her to see. H.A.R.P.‟s Dog Adoption Manager, Gloria, saw that Rags would make a loving addition to a home, and decided to take her into the foster program.…


April 06, 2011 Happy Tales

Anyone will tell you that getting old isn’t for the faint of heart, and if you are a cat it can be even worse.  Cleo’s original person was taken to an out- of- state assisted living facility and she had to leave Cleo behind.  She arranged with the people who were moving into her home to take care of Cleo, but the first thing they did was put her outside to fend for herself…