May 20, 2013 Happy Tales

Prince the DogPrince is a little tan Chihuahua similar to thousands of other tan Chihuahuas in northern California. He was overlooked in the shelter. All of his buddies who were in his kennel were adopted…


May 20, 2013 Happy Tales

Duke and familyDuke is a mixed breed dog that was surrendered to the Antioch shelter when his owner was deployed to Afghanistan.

Fourth Annual Maddie’s Day Adopt-a-thon

The fourth annual Maddie’s Day Adopt-a-thon takes place June 1 and 2. The adoption fee is waived for dogs and cats. Shelters and rescue groups receive a minimum of $500 per animal from the Foundation that provides the funding.

Fosters - Our MVPs!

May 20, 2013 General

Dog and KittenOf all the jobs that volunteers do for a rescue, none is more valuable and necessary than fostering, and it is likely none is more rewarding, or more likely to break your heart.


May 20, 2013 Happy Tales

Apache the DogApache is a 104 pound Pit Bull/Mastiff mix. When our volunteer, Mark, went to meet him, he was greeted with lots of slobbery kisses.


May 20, 2013 Happy Tales

Joe the KittenJoe was an orange tabby kitten who, with his litter mate Special Bob, was found outside Safeway at night, late in the fall, when he was only three weeks old.

A Group Rescue

May 20, 2013 General

Rescued KittensA phone call came in on the HARP line from a person who, due to a family emergency, had to move out of the area within two weeks to live with an ill family member. Complicating this move were ap-proximately 25 cats who were living in the home he was leaving.