November 12, 2012 Happy Tales

Sophie the DogSophie, below, was recently adopted by a family who wanted a companion for their male Bassett Hound.

Little Cat (LC)

November 05, 2012 Happy Tales

Little CatLittle Cat (LC) found herself living in a colony of feral cats when she was six months old. She was a very friendly cat that likely was abandoned.

Leo the Stray Kitten

October 30, 2012 Happy Tales

Leo the KittenA good Samaritan called H.A.R.P hoping for assistance with a stray kitten she found at her back door.

Winning! BADRAP, Well Pet Vet Clinic and HARP Volunteers

December 05, 2011 Happy Tales

Suzie the Pit BullSusan S. and Ray Z. befriended a woman who spent her days walking in Antioch with a brindle Pit Bull tied to a shopping cart. When BADRAP and Well Pet Vet Clinic, Pittsburg, offered a free Pit Bull Spay/Neuter clinic on October 15, Susan took Tiger Lily, the female Pit, to get spayed. Lily had a prolapsed uterus. Susan recovered the dog at her home and learned how gentle she is…

BFF: Simone and Neva

December 04, 2011 Happy Tales

Simone the Cat with Neva the BabbyH.A.R.P. received a call for help when a kitten was found in a hole under a fence in Pittsburg. The three-week old long-haired tabby and white baby was very hungry and confused, but oh, so cute…


December 03, 2011 Happy Tales

Blondie the DogA woman called H.A.R.P. and sadly said that she was terminally ill and could not take care of her beloved dog, Blondie. She wanted the best for the terrier mix…


December 02, 2011 Happy Tales

Lionel the CatThe city of Antioch will soon have a new boat ramp. It will bring pleasure to residents. But when workers started cutting bushes with a Bob Cat, it almost meant death for an abandoned mom cat and her kittens…


October 25, 2011 Happy Tales

Tucker showed up recently in a group of abandoned cats. He begged Ray, H.A.R.P. volunteer, not to leave him…


October 25, 2011 Happy Tales

Roofus had a very shaky month. Somehow this little fellow ended up falling off a roof when he was about three weeks old. We can only speculate on how he ended up in this situation, but since it is unlikely his mother put him there, someone else must have. The animal control officer who was called to the scene…


April 06, 2011 Happy Tales

When Rags came to the shelter you could barely tell what kind of animal she was.  When the hair was finally trimmed out of her face shelter workers discovered that Rags had two cherry eyes, making it nearly impossible for her to see. H.A.R.P.‟s Dog Adoption Manager, Gloria, saw that Rags would make a loving addition to a home, and decided to take her into the foster program.…

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