April 06, 2011 Happy Tales

Anyone will tell you that getting old isn’t for the faint of heart, and if you are a cat it can be even worse.  Cleo’s original person was taken to an out- of- state assisted living facility and she had to leave Cleo behind.  She arranged with the people who were moving into her home to take care of Cleo, but the first thing they did was put her outside to fend for herself…

Rescuing Lily

February 19, 2011 Happy Tales

My husband, John, and I adopted Lily in January of this year. We had to put our dear Lab to sleep last September and I was feeling like a lost soul. After four months I knew in my heart I truly needed a dog in my life. I was checking online and dis-covered that H.A.R.P. would have dogs at the local PETSMART. I walked in and there was Lily (then Snowflake) in the arms of Gloria Bailey, H.A.R.P.’s Dog Adoption Manager…

Fire Fighters Rescue Manny

February 19, 2011 Happy Tales

It was adoption Saturday at PETSMART in Pittsburg. Two fire fighters will always get our attention, but when they come through the door cradling a cardboard box and heading in the direction of the H.A.R.P. cat adoption table, even more so. They had just rescued a little orange kitten from the middle of Somersville Road. When asked how in the world they did that, with all the traffic, they said they used lights and sirens and stopped traffic. It was wonderful to know that the Contra Costa Fire Department thinks a terrified, trapped kitten deserved a heroic effort and H.A.R.P. felt the same way, so Susan Krueger, our Adoption Manager, took him home to foster. As the fire fighters left, we asked their names. “Manny and Jeff,” was the response, so Manny was named…

Garfield the Cat

August 23, 2010 Happy Tales

Garfield was found at just six weeks old with a bump on the head that left the little tyke disoriented. He was taken to the emergency room and then transferred to the Martinez shelter where shelter volunteer Sue Underwood took care of him for a few days until Harpie Jane Buyny took him home and nursed him to health…

Scooter Gets a Home

June 01, 2010 Happy Tales

In February, at the H.A.R.P. annual dinner at The Red Caboose Restaurant, we had an uninvited guest who desperately wanted to be part of the celebration…

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