May 20, 2013 Happy Tales

Apache the DogApache is a 104 pound Pit Bull/Mastiff mix. When our volunteer, Mark, went to meet him, he was greeted with lots of slobbery kisses. Mark said, “Wow. This is a great dog” HARP ac-cepted the dog into the program while his owner was closing his business. He had no place for Apache to go and wanted to find a new owner rather than sur-rendering him to the shelter. He had become very attached to the big guy during the year and a half he had taken care of him. One of his customers asked him to keep the dog for a week but never re-turned to pick him up. Rob, young man from Nevada, emailed HARP after seeing Apache on Many phone calls went back and forth between Antioch and Nevada. Rob met Karen and Apache in Sacramento in April and he was pleasantly surprised that the dog was even more impressive than his pictures. Rob’s mom and girlfriend agreed and now he has a wonderful companion.