December 03, 2013 Happy Tales

Blondie the CatHow many times can a cat be abandoned before it is just too many? H.A.R.P. received a call from a man whose neighbor had abandoned a large female cat. This wasn’t the first time the cat had been abandoned; he said the person who had lived in the home previously also abandoned her. He felt sorry for her and had been feeding her, but now he was moving at the end of the week and had to leave her behind. Three H.A.R.P.ies stepped in and worked together to provide care. A vet check indicated Blondie was in good health. The very first day she went to adoptions this stoic and friendly big ginger girl was met at adoption by a woman who had just had to put down her family dog after 13 years. She soothed the hole in her heart by taking on another furry family member. She fell in love with Blondie and took her home.