December 10, 2013 Happy Tales

Hardy the CatHardy, like too many cats, had fallen on hard times. In his case his owners got a dog and apparently no longer wanted a cat. He had been declawed as a kitten, and after the dog moved in, Hardy was forced to begin a new life outdoors, alone and abandoned. Hardy was no longer a young cat; neighbors had seen him around for about 15 years. At one time, he had no doubt been a stunning cat, with his long, light orange tabby coat. Now, however, his coat was so heavily matted his skin was being pulled and had sores. Grooming himself was out of the question. He needed dental work, and he was very thin. Darrel Krueger was in the neighborhood showing a home for sale when he met Hardy, who rubbed himself around Darrel’s leg, still friendly and cheery. As Darrel was leaving the home, Hardy had found his way into Darrel’s car. Darrel felt compelled to save this once loved and now abandoned cat. The first order of business was food. Hardy was put on a diet that soon brought him back to appropriate weight for a cat of his size. A good groomer had him sporting a lion cut, which was rather handsome. Hardy is estimated to be close to 19 years old, and although he now may be slowing down a bit, he is still Darrel’s best friend. And when Hardy looks up from his curled position on the easy chair, there is a wee bit of a grateful smile on those cat lips.