May 20, 2013 Happy Tales

Joe the KittenJoe was an orange tabby kitten who, with his litter mate Special Bob, was found outside Safeway at night, late in the fall, when he was only three weeks old. Someone had dropped the pair off behind the store. Lucky for him, he was found quickly by someone leaving work who loved cats, and he took them home. The pair was bottle fed until HARP could get them, and then foster Jane took them on. Joe was a surprisingly healthy guy, considering his potentially fatal evening behind a gro-cery store, and grew quickly. When he was about 10 weeks old and he was ready, he was taken to his first adoption at Petsmart, where he was met by Allen, waiting to see if HARP might have a kit-ten to fall in love with, preferably orange. The rest is history; Allen fell in love with Joe and waited patiently while all the paperwork was completed. Joe has become a valued member of Allen’s family, and delights everyone with his antics, including playing with dolls.