Liberty Kitty Project

December 09, 2013 General

Orange KittenLiberty and Freedom High, like so many other schools in Contra Costa County, has been the dumping ground for cats for decades. The cats produce hundreds of kittens and the situation becomes frustrating for students, administrators, and parents. A partnership of animal welfare organizations, veterinarians, and the district is working to decrease the number of feral cats at Liberty and Freedom High. Volunteers from H.A.R.P. and Cat Support Network (CSN) humanely trap cats. Tail Wag Inn, Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) and Fix Our Ferals, spay and neuter the cats for little to no cost.

Volunteers have trapped and fixed 95 cats in the past eight months. Those that are not adoptable are returned after being spayed or neutered. CSN and H.A.R.P. have placed thirty- five kittens in adoption programs. The kittens are micro chipped, given immunizations, tested, de-wormed and given flea treatments.

An effort to rid the campus of cats by using a pest control company did not even make a dent in the population. Trap/Neuter/Return is the only successful solution to feral cat colonies. If cats are removed, other cats move into the vacuum and begin the process all over again. To learn more about the process, visit Anne Marie Etesse, French teacher at Liberty High, has also gotten involved by selling Madeleine cookies to raise funds for this cause.

Kittens may be adopted from Cat Support Network and H.A.R.P. Please visit their websites for adoption schedules and Donations may be made to “The Liberty Kitties Fund” via H.A.R.P. PayPal. If you would like to get involved, please call 925-431-8546.