December 04, 2013 Happy Tales

Sammy the PoochMeet Sammy, a lovely senior who in June was found emaciated with a severe skin condition. Luckily Kimberly and Laura brought Sammy to the County Animal Shelter. Sammy’s owners were identified however refused to come for her. H.A.R.P. received a call from Laura asking for help with Sammy because she could only be released to a rescue due to her medical condition. Luckily for Sammy, Kimberly agreed to foster her and brought her to All Bay Animal Hospital where hundreds of dollars were spent for the care of Sammy. When Sammy was ready for adoption, Kimberly could not bear loosing Sammy so she adopted her. H.A.R.P. would like to thank Maddie’s Fund and their program which provides financial assistance for senior pets with medical conditions. Maddie’s Fund makes it possible for small rescues like H.A.R.P. to save animals like Sammy.