December 03, 2013 Happy Tales

Sugar the Australian Cattle DogSugar is an Australian Cattle Dog mix that ended up at Antioch Animal Services after being found as a stray. Sugar was extremely timid and was transferred to Tail Wag Inn to give her time to get adopted. H.A.R.P. took her to the Maddie’s Fund Adoptathon in June, but she was too frightened to come out of her kennel. H.A.R.P. was contacted by a man named Price from Danville. Price saw Sugar’s picture on He said his mission was to rescue a dog that really needed rescuing. Sugar definitely fit the criteria. Price travelled to Tail Wag, on Bethel Island, over 20 times to visit Sugar and gain her trust, which is what Cattle Dogs need. Price brought his dog to meet Sugar and they hit it off. She was finally ready to join the family. We hear that she really enjoys the many walks she and her new family take.